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About us

IAF was once a professional artificial intelligence AI financing platform established by the Economic Affairs Department of the Finance Department of IBM's US headquarters.  It has developed more than 2million member customers. In order to better support the development of global artificial intelligence technology and return more customers, IAF has been fully upgraded to an investment and financing platform focusing on investment and financing business in the field of global artificial intelligence. It is headquartered in the United States  New York, and has established sub-centers in London, England, Mumbai, India, and Hong Kong, China.
  With its professional digital trading platform technology, IAF promotes the investment and financing settlement business between global investors and outstanding AI project parties, effectively saves the financing costs of industrial institutions, and assists investors to invest in valuable growth projects accurately and efficiently, thereby gaining  Safer and higher income.
 The core members of the IAF service team have senior AI industry and equity investment and financing industry experience.  IAF has deep strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Google, Tesla, and Tata Group.
 IAF is committed to building a world-leading digital financial derivatives investment service trading platform focusing on AI investment.